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Barbara Hall (2015 Honorary)

Barbara Hall is a Canadian lawyer, public servant and former politician. She was the 61st mayor of Toronto, the last to run before amalgamation. She was appointed Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission. She retired after her term was renewed four times. She’s an avid LGBTQ rights advocate who has been often seen […]

James Dubro (2016)

James Dubro, a well known crime writer and documentarian of organized crime, has lived, played and worked in the downtown gay communities since 1970. He was a member of the university of Toronto’s Gay Academic Union, a board member of the Canadian chapter of the National Lesbians and Gay Journalist Association. written for the Body […]

Deb Parent (2016)

Since coming out in 1969 at age 12, Deb has been proudly herself. She has fought violence against women, powered NDP election campaigns and innovatively used music as her organizing tool, inspiring thousands of us to dance in joy & outrage – all as an outspoken lesbian. She began her activism DJ‘ing with Lesbians of […]

Leonard Kelly a.k.a. Candice Kelly (2016 Honorary)

Candice reigned as Empress of The Imperial Court of Toronto an unprecedented four times. She was a legend across the International Court System, known across Canada and the United States as someone many queens aspired to be and someone every Court member liked. A large number of Toronto’s best entertainers owe their start to Candice. […]

Debbie Douglas (2017)

Debbie Douglas is the Executive Director of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants. Ms. Douglas is the recipient of several awards including the Women of Distinction from YWCA Toronto; the Amino Malko award from the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture; the Race Relations award from the Urban Alliance on Race Relations and more […]

James Andrew Baker (2017)

J. Andrew Baker is an educator, administrator, artist, counsellor, and activist from Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. Andrew currently lives in Geneva, Switzerland where is works as the Senior Development Officer for ILGA. For the past 20 years, he focused his career and volunteer work within Indigenous and LGBT communities. He has extensive development experience founding […]

Chris Edwards (2017 Honorary)

Chris Edwards (Criss Edwards) was born in Fort Worth, Texas on December 24, 1961. In the early 80‘s he started in the artform of female impersonation, perfecting his craft in Fort Lauderdale and catching the eye of producers who brought him to Canada for “An Evening At La Cage”. It was here in Toronto that […]

Glen Brown (2017 Honorary)

Glen Wesley Brown grew up on the Prairies, raised in Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan within a farming family. Upon coming to Toronto in the late 1980s, he very quickly became a central figure in the Toronto LBTQ community including as a pioneering activist with AIDS Action Now! Over almost 30 years, he was a central figure in […]

Savoy Howe (2018)

Savoy “Kapow!” Howe is the head coach and owner of Toronto Newsgirls, Canada’s first female and Trans positive boxing club. In 1993 Savoy fought one of Toronto’s first sanctioned boxing bouts for women. Aside from a recreational boxing program and an amateur program, Savoy runs ‘Outside the Ring’, a free boxing program for the LGBTQ […]

Mykel Hall a.k.a. Dj Black Cat (2018)

A leader an activist in Toronto’s black LGBTQ community. DJ Black Cat is iconic in the local club scene. This Toronto Canada native is of Jamaican descent & knows his way around all kinds of Music such as Dancehall, hip hop, R&B, dance, soca & his 1st love House music.