James Dubro (2016)

James Dubro, a well known crime writer and documentarian of organized crime, has lived, played and worked in the downtown gay communities since 1970. He was a member of the university of Toronto’s Gay Academic Union, a board member of the Canadian chapter of the National Lesbians and Gay Journalist Association. written for the Body Politic, and reported on crime issues for “Xtra” for two decades. He founded the first gay dining club in Toronto called The Mayfly in 1979 which existed for 15 years of monthly dinners and social activities He later was a long-time member of the first police/gay community liaison committee (1991-2002). While a student at Columbia University James witnessed the first of the Stonewall riots firsthand on June 28, 1969 as he was outside the bar that night watching the street kids and drag queens fight and being beaten up by the police in Greenwich Village. He also was a participant in the first gay demonstration in Toronto at Hanlans Point sponsored by Toronto Gay Action in early August 1971–it was an open gay picnic with banners but was called the “big giggle” demo in the press at the time. He is now 69 and still lives in the gay village area.