Chris Edwards (2017 Honorary)

Chris Edwards (Criss Edwards) was born in Fort Worth, Texas on December 24, 1961. In the early 80‘s he started in the artform of female impersonation, perfecting his craft in Fort Lauderdale and catching the eye of producers who brought him to Canada for “An Evening At La Cage”. It was here in Toronto that Chris made his home and his fame. In the late 80’s, Chris Edwards‘ weekly show at “Chaps” became a staple of members of our LGBTQ2 family, often having a lineup all the way to Yonge St. He also created Miss Gay Toronto/ Miss Gay Universe pageants as a platform for many of Toronto’s top entertainers that still is a running tradition to this day. In his lifetime, the PWA Organization estimated that he single handedly raised over $ 300,000.00 for HIV/AIDS related causes. His infectious laugh and sense of humor are the attributes that people miss the most. Sadly, on Aug 26, 2016, during a performance at Buddies Chris collapsed, and passed away on September 6. He leaves behind a legacy of love and generosity that all of us in Toronto’s Gay community should emulate. Although gone, he will never be forgotten.